DEEP HEALTH CHAIN is to create a top healthcare block chain system

Blockchain-based data transactions and services, to provide a more accurate and fresher all-round portrait of users.

Data transaction based on block chain technology

Diversified product architecture

Bottom blockchain Enterprise applications Large and medium-sized applications


DHC is a decentralized healthcare service platform, breaks away from the traditional facility-centered healthcare model and instead establishes a blockchain-based medical data sharing network that enables universal access to high-quality healthcare resources and services across the world.


As DHT(Deep Health Token) is the Token issued on the DHC platform for the purpose of ensuring the effectiveoperationof ecosystem and all activities in the DHC ecosystem should be linked by DHT, it is quite important to design a fair, just and reasonable Token mechanism.

Data transaction network in the era of big data

Pharmaceutical clinical trial and population health research

Promote highly collaborative between clinical trials and researchers.

Network security and healthcare IoT

Provides data interoperability between devices while providing security, privacy, and reliability.

Artificial intelligence

Acquiring a large amount of data resources to achieve advanced artificial intelligence development.

Purchase and verification of medical insurance

Provide accurate health data analysis results and recommend suitable insurance items based on personal data.

Data-based decision-making of government agency

Distributed statistics for infectious diseases to facilitate detection of the outbreak.



Professional blockchain investment fund

A professional investment fund of block chain, founded by the early investor Mr. Juxie (Liu Jialing). The fund is committed to improve the ecological investment of block chain industry, and the application investment in real business scenes.

Dinglian Capital

Top blockchain investment capital in China

Ding Lian Capital ,as one of the top blockchain investment capitals in China, has participated in the planning and investment of Qtum and Ve Chain. At present there are more than 30 projects, including Energy Chain.


Investment agency focusing on artificial intelligence applications

ZRZF Fund has a professional international team, focuses on the applications of AI and block chain technology,eapecially in medical, financial and security industries.




  • 2017.07

    Platform release

  • 2018.01

    Issue DHC white paper v1.0

  • 2018.08

    Launch of DHC chain test version

  • 2019.03

    Release of DAPP development

  • 2019.10

    Launch of mainchain and 3 DAPPs

  • 2020.04

    Launch of community interactive platform



Dr. Stone helps doctors manage a growing patient base with enhanced efficiency by adopting mobile Internet-based smart terminals and relying on its strong database back-end managerial capability.


It provides medical services focusing on dental clinics, direct payment services of dental insurance, and over-the-counter manage and control services.